Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pause & Rewind: Reviewing Beer

My high-school best friend likes hobbies apparently. I don't always remember this being the case and we spent a considerable amount of our spare time together during that period playing brass instruments and Playstation. What I do remember is playing Fifa '99 on the Playstation (it didn't have a number then), him playing as Iran and being 4-0 up at half time, and me playing as Fiorentina and winning 5-4. That is another blog post however.

One of his current hobbies is to blog about beer, which he does so succesfully that he has breweries in the UK sending him free samples to review. This week's blog is my first contribution as a guest post.

 Repressed, Semi-precious, Dubious, Lingering, #2
What is amusing is that if it hadn't been posted now, a lot of the cliches would have been out of date considering how quickly the country is moving forwards politically. Off to the 7/11 to get some San Miguel to review Filipino beer (I like this hobby!).

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  1. Playing an instrument is a hobby! Playing Playstation is just being a teenage boy though...

    4-5, that was an epic game, I actually don't care that I lost any more (it's only taken 12 years to get over it). I will always remember the atmosphere and the little look of joy on your face, you can have that, I got to enjoy the tears when Valencia lost X2 and Spain lost in Euro 2000.