Thursday, September 8, 2011

Travelling in... Myanmar: Bago

Bago, an hour’s taxi or two hour’s bus from Yangon is usually a stop-off point on the trip to Mount Kyaiktiyo. It’s basically a main road with a lot of temples, monasteries, 2 massive reclining Buddhas, two four-Buddha monuments, and the tallest pagoda in the country.

The highlight was the monastery of a snake, the story of which was never fully clarified. My understanding is that a massive python (and it is huge, 7m long and the thickness of a tree trunk in parts) visited a monk and led him to an address that he was looking for. Out of thanks for the serpentine version of Google Maps, the monk then re-incarnated him as the snake which wasn’t such a bad choice, as he receives thousands of khat (local currency) as donations every single day, and 5kg of chicken every ten days. 

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